Shortlist 2012

This year we have had 22 entries for the award and generally this year the overall standard has been particularly high. The range of subject matter was as ever diverse and included biography, autobiography, fiction, historical material (Everest and K2 again well represented), travel and spiritual journeys.

The judges for 2012, Bernard Newman (Chair), Lindsay Griffin and Shannon O'Donoghue have selected the following books for this year's shortlist:



here, there and everywhere... by Jim Curran, published by Edgebrook Publishing    384 pages    £30.00

A revealing and at times deeply emotional autobiography that spans much of the history of UK climbing from the 1960s to the present.

ISBN 978-190-614-836-2


INTO THE SILENCE by Wade Davis, published by The Bodley Head (The Random House Group Ltd.)    655 pages    £25.00

A hugely comprehensive history of the 1921, 1922 and 1924 British expeditions to Everest, culminating in the loss of Mallory & Irvine.

ISBN 978-847-92184-0


COLD WARS - Climbing the fine line between risk and reality by Andy Kirkpatrick, published by Vertebrate Publishing    272 pages    £20.00

A second autobiographical volume, describing epic winter ascents in the Alps and Patagonia and the conflicts of the lifestyle with family life.

ISBN 978-1-906148-25-6

  THE CHALLENGE OF K2 by Richard Sale, published by Pen and Sword Ltd    227 pages    £19.99

A highly detailed account of the complex history of climbing on K2 from the mid nineteenth century up until 2011.

ISBN 184-884-2113-9

  FIVA An Adventure That Went Wrong by Gordon Stainforth, published by Golden Arrow Books    211 pages    £9.95

A ripping yarn of a climbing epic on Store Trolltind in the Romsdal, in 1969.

ISBN 978-0-9570543-0-1

  THE WILD WITHIN by Simon Yates, published by Vertebrate Publishing    236 pages    £20.00

A further autobiographical account of climbing adventures in the world’s remote ranges, including the Cordillera Darwin, Alaska and Greenland.

ISBN 9781906148423

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