In Monte Viso's Horizon by Will Mclewin | The Ernest Press


My Vertical World by Jerzy Kukuczka | Hodder

Flammes De Pierre by Mick Fowler | Diadem

Spirit Of The Age - Royal Robbins by Pat Ament | Adventure's Meaning Press (Nebraska)

The Water People by Joe Simpson | Jonathan Cape


Master Of Rock by Pat Ament | Adventure's Meaning Press (Nebraska)

The Great Blue Dream by Robert Leonard Reid | Hutchnson

The Social Climbers by Chris Darwin & John Amy | Mainstream

Second Man On The Rope by Ian R Mitchell | Mercat Press

People In High Places by Audrey Salkeld | Jonathan Cape

K2 - The 1939 Tragedy by Andrew Kauffmann & William L Putnam | Diadem

Last Days by John Roskelly | Hodder

The Golden Peak by Kathleen Jamie | Virago

Lakeland by Gordon Stainforth | Constable

Mount Mckinley - The Conquest Of Denali by David Roberts & Bradford Washburn | Harry N Abrams (New York)