100th Edition of 'Loose Scree'

Congratulations, Barry, on producing 'Loose Scree', 100th edition, out soon.
What a superb effort and altruistic service to the mountaineering community over the years.
We have all enjoyed your sardonic humour, Barry, and we are grateful for the opportunity you have given many people to see their work in print.

Steve Dean
Boardman Tasker Charitable Trust

Buxton Adventure Festival present the Boardman Tasker Night

Andy Cave

Andy Cave

Martin Wragg

Martin Wragg

Stephen Venables

Stephen Venables

Steve Dean

Steve Dean

Join us in Buxton for the Boardman Tasker Night with Martin Wragg, Steve Dean, Andy Cave & Stephen Venables.

At the time they disappeared on the north east ridge of Everest Peter Boardman and Joe Tasker were each resident in the High Peak. This special event in their home community will celebrate their lives and achievements. A number of their friends and colleagues will talk about them, their climbs and their books which were the inspiration for setting up the Boardman Tasker Award for Mountain Literature. 
The evening programme will commence with a reading by Martin Wragg from ‘The Shining Mountain’, Peter Boardman’s award winning first book, followed by a similar delivery by Steve Dean from Joe Tasker’s great work, ‘The Savage Arena’.

Andy Cave a BT winner will talk and lecture from his own master work, ‘Learning to Breathe’ and Stephen Venables another BT winner will explain about how this bolstered his adventurous life, and his latest climbs in South Georgia and Antarctica.

There will be an interval between Andy and Stephen’s talks, and a short fundraising entertainment will ensue!

Wednesday 11th October 2017 at 7.30pm at the Pavilion Arts Centre, Buxton Opera House.

Tickets are £17.50/£12/.50 concessions and are available here.


2017 Boardman Tasker Award for Mountain Literature Shortlist Announced

2017 shortlist announced2.jpg

The Boardman Tasker Award for Mountain Literature continues to attract a substantial level of entries. This year there were 34 entries, from Great Britain, the USA, Canada, Italy and France.

The Award will be made at the Boardman Tasker event at the Kendal Mountain Festival, on Friday November 17th 2017.

Tickets are available here.

The judges for 2017 are Helen Mort (Chair), Peter Gillman and Kate Moorehead.  

They have selected the following six books for this year’s shortlist:

The Push - Tommy Caldwell.jpg

Tommy Caldwell
The Push
Michael Joseph, Penguin Random House

A candid, bold and compelling book which doesn't shy away from delving into psychoanalytic territory. Tommy Caldwell’s climbing achievements are remarkable and ‘The Push’ offers a fascinating insight into big wall free climbing and the unexpected challenges that characterise a life in sport.


Rob Collister
Days to Remember
Baton Wicks

This is a thoughtful, varied and highly literate book, evoking journeys in mountain landscapes that are often solitary, but seldom lonely. There’s a sense of honesty and humility in Rob Collister’s prose and his reflections on life as a mountain guide.


Ed Douglas
The Magician’s Glass
Vertebrate Publishing

A finely crafted set of essays exploring climbing controversies, failures and the impact mountaineering has on local communities. This collection sees Ed Douglas training his keen eye on some of the most celebrated - and infamous - stories and personalities in the climbing world.


Erhard Loretan & Jean Ammann  
Night Naked
Mountaineers Books

This first account of Erhard Loretan’s achievements in English is well paced and literary, characterised by a wide, lively, thoughtful choice of vocabulary, interesting figurative language and self-deprecating, ironic humour.


Bernadette McDonald
Art of Freedom
Vertebrate Publishing

A very accomplished biography of one of the greatest alpinists of all time, lucidly and economically written. ‘Art of Freedom’ is a profound and subtle profile of one of the international climbing world’s most complex and reclusive mountaineers, Voytek Kurtyka.

Summer Snows front cover.jpg

Christopher Nicholson
Among the Summer Snows
September Publishing

Lyrical and elegaic, this debut is a tender account of an unusual fascination with the remaining snows of the Scottish Highlands. Nicholson offers us a wry, self-aware take on the relationship between humans and the changed (and changing) natural world.

This is the fourth year in succession that the Award has generated more than 30 entries and it continues to attract a high level of interest.

Steve Dean
Boardman Tasker Charitable Trust