Geoffrey Winthrop Young by Alan Hankinson | Hodder


K2 The Story Of The Savage Mountain by Jim Curran | Hodder

Vertical Pleasure by Mick Fowler | Hodder

Everest Calling by Lorna Siggins | Mainstream

The Burgess Book Of Lies by Adrian Burgess & Alan Burgess | Cloud Cap (Seattle)


On Top Of Africa by Neville Schulman | Element Books

One For Sorrow by John Lister Kaye | Balnain Books (Nairn)

Weir's Wood by Tom Weir | Canongate

The Last Hero -Bill Tilman by Tim Madge | Hodder

The Game Of Mountain And Chance by Mick Fowler | Bâton Wicks

6194 Denali Solo by Ed Darack | Darack (Davis - California)

The Last Hundred by Judith Brown | Mainstream