A Portrait Of Leni Riefenstahl by Audrey Salkeld | Jonathan Cape


The Return Of John Macnab by Andrew Greig | Headline

Storms Of Silence by Joe Simpson | Jonathan Cape

A Spy On The Roof Of The World by Sydney Wignall | Canongate


November by Jon Barton, Paul Evans & Simon Norris | Vertebrate Graphics

The Highland Highway by Heather Connon & Paul Roper | Mainstream

Magic Mountains by Gertrude Reinisch | Mainstream

Himalaya Alpine Style by Stephen Venables & Rennie Mcowan | Hodder

Teton Tales by Paul K Petzolt | Ics Books (Merriville - Ind)

The Lost Tribe by Edward Marriott | Macmillan

Where Warriors Met by Edward Paice | Tasker Publications

Mountain Footfalls by Ian R Mitchell | Mercat Press

Ice World by Jeff Lowe | Cordee

The Rope by Terry Gifford | Redbeck Press

In The Zone by Peter Potterfield | The Mountaineers (Seattle)

Walking To The Mountain by Wendy Teasdill | Asia 2000 (Hong Kong)

Walking More Ridges Of Lakeland by Bob Allen | Michael Joseph

May The Fire Be Always Lit by Ian Thomson | Ernest Press

Over The Hills And Far Away by Rob Collister | Ernest Press

Gary Hemming: The Beatnik Of The Alps by Mirella Tenderini | Ernest Press