Boardman Tasker Award 2015

The Calling: A Life Rocked by Mountains by Barry Blanchard

Patagonia | ISBN 978-1-938340-31-4

boardman tasker - barry blanchard - the calling.jpg

The winner of the 2015 Boardman Tasker Award is the Canadian mountaineer Barry Blanchard, with his book "The Calling: A Life Rocked by Mountains."

The irrepressible Barry Blanchard has vivid recall of every detail of his passionate struggle to escape poverty, throw himself into a hairy apprenticeship and establish himself as a non-establishment alpinist pushing himself through historic climbs and relishing the telling of the tale.

This is a gripping account of a climber's life from humble beginnings in Calgary to epic adventures in the great ranges. Known as 'The Bonatti of the Rockies', Barry has been at the cutting edge of high altitude climbing for many years and his book is a honest an visceral account of a life devoted to climbing at the highest levels, both on rock and ice.

This is one of the finest mountaineering books to appear for many years and it is destined to become a classic of that genre.