Tim Noble “Writing on Rock” 1950 – 2014


Tim was a long time supporter of our Award and was a BT Panel Judge in 2007, and Chair of Judges the following year.  He made a particularly fine and controversial speech at Kendal, which indicated his fine grasp of language and his love of the mountains.  Tim was the Editor of the Climbers Club Journal for several years, working hard to encourage members to contribute material.

Sadly, Tim died suddenly in 2014 when he was only in his mid sixties.  An experienced climber, Tim also had a distinguished career as a teacher and educationalist in particular projecting his deep love of Shakespeare to large numbers of pupils over the years.

Tim’s friends and family have put together a delightful collection of his prose and poetry entitled “Writing on Rock”.

Copies are available here.

Tim was a lovely bloke and a good friend, and is greatly missed in the climbing community.

An article about Tim’s writing has been published in the March/April edition of Climber magazine.

Steve Dean
Boardman Tasker Charitable Trust

March 2019